Updates & features

Portuguese artist Daniel Eime set foot in Rome this spring for the Forgotten Project.  Eime painted the portrait of an old lady on the wall of the Flaminio II market, but actually for the first...

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What's on in Europe

Jana & JS - Street Art Europe

London – Jana & JS and Von show new work at StolenSpace Gallery

July 9, 2016 | 0 Comments

Both Jana & JS and Von are presenting a new solo show at the StolenSpace Gallery in London. The shows titled ‘Inner World’ (Jana & Js) and ‘Echoes’ (Von) opened...

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Artist spotlight

Louis Masai is an artist based in London. His artworks usually highlight issues related to nature. One of his projects is #savethebees (in collaboration with Jim Vision), which I saw when being in London in...

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It was last year when I saw Clet Abraham’s traffic signs for the first time in London. It made me very curious about these small traffic sign stickers, which seem to stand out so easy...

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Akse interview for Street Art Europe

Akse – Fantastic realism artworks

November 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

At the beginning of this year I visited Manchester and wrote about it on Street Art Europe.  Manchester has quite a few nice spots where you can find some good street art. I was amazed...

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Bleeps is the pseudonym of a Greek street artist, who has created a breakthrough in the Athenian street art scene since 2008. He introduced a different approach to art and what is known as political...

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