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Solus, a Dublin based artist, has been creating art for about 7 years. He started doing street art as a hobby. Gradually he became more and more involved in the Dublin art scene. He can now be seen as a major player in the Irish art scene. Next month his second Irish solo exhibition opens in Dublin.

Solus is, as you quite possibly already guessed, his artist name. The name has two different meanings. Solus: ‘It is Irish for light. It also means alone or unaccompanied. I like both of the meanings.’ In the beginning doing street art was just for fun and he never thought anybody would notice what he was doing. Well, it all turned out to be a bit different. Three years ago he had his first solo exhibition in his hometown Dublin. The exhibition ‘Mis-Spent Youth’ gave his art a lot of credibility and a huge interest from international galleries selling his art.

He soon travelled to New York, Miami and Toronto for mural projects. ‘I had a great time in America during the summer. I travelled around and painted murals in NYC, Miami, Toronto and had an exhibition in Montreal. I had a great experience.’ He is hoping to travel a bit more next year, also to do more street pieces. ‘I have done some pieces in London, Berlin and Amsterdam. I have projects in Paris and Germany lined up.’ Painting in Amsterdam has been his most memorable adventure in Europe. He loves how the canals and quaint streets are all really European. Especially painting there after dark was a very good time for him.

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Even though Ireland went through a rough time the past years, it doesn’t stop Dublin from having quite a few interesting street artists. As a reaction to the ‘rough times’, some artists were painting political art on the streets and some positive. Solus: ‘Yes there is a good enough scene in Dublin. It’s a vibrant city.’ Solus usually tries to keep his work in the narrative. It is about a story rather than individual pieces. There is not really a main inspiration for his art. It comes from anywhere and at random times. ‘I get inspired when listening to certain bands. The music triggers something and I get ideas for new pieces.’

On 20th November his second Irish solo exhibition ‘Born 2 Win’ opens at the The Culture Box in Dublin. It is a continuation from the story of his Mis-Spent Youth exhibition. ‘I guess it is a personal story. It is about overcoming obstacles climbing out of the gutter and being victorious against all odds.’ The exhibition will have 20 artworks (some installations and prints) all related to the Born 2 Win theme. Solus says that this exhibition will be a positive experience for anybody who visits. After the exhibition he is hoping to go to Art Basel in Miami for more of his art adventures.

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Interview by Nicole Blommers.

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