Berlin – ALIAS ‘Fragments’ exhibition

Published On 25 March 2015 | By Nicole |

When walking around the streets of Berlin (especially Friedrichshain) you cannot miss the art by Berlin based ALIAS. His artworks are mostly images of boys being alone, playing, sitting, hiding or reading. I have always found his art quite intriguing and the kind of art you won’t forget after having seen it. On Thursday 26th March his new solo exhibition ‘Fragments’ opens at Open Walls Gallery in Berlin.

Fragments is ALIAS’ first personal exhibition in five years. He has travelled a lot, showed his art at international art fairs and has been spending a lot of time in his own studio. Working, studying and bringing his very own style to a new limit. When it comes to studio artworks, he often uses different untransformed recycled materials. This can only mean that this exhibition is going to be a very interesting one.

ALIAS – Fragments

Exhibition: 27th March – 25th April 2015 | opening: 26th March – 19-22hrs
Open Walls Gallery | Gerichtstrasse 65, Berlin

Open Walls Gallery website
ALIAS website

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