Paris – Know Hope solo show at Galerie Openspace

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Israeli artist Know Hope has been displaying his art on the streets and in galleries across the globe since 2005. His character, a symbolic figure, shows subjects related to borders, identity and humanity. It always carries a red heart that is sewed onto his sleeve. This leaves a gap where the heart normally is. His work has been displayed in museums and he is represented by major galleries in Los Angeles, London and Tel Aviv. On Saturday 11th April his solo show ‘Water Takes the Shape of its Container’ opens at Galerie Openspace in Paris.

In this exhibition he shows twenty previously unseen artworks, assemblages of paper, wood and photographs, and an installation. The installation portrays a collective situation, taking the form of a pile of colored tree stumps, and showing representations of each component of that collective situation. For Know Hope art is there to remind people of their humanity.

Know Hope shows a portrayal of political juxtapositions, alongside emotional conditions, showing correlations, similarities, coexistence/dependence etc. Our intuitions are political compasses, and a political situation has immense effect on our emotional state and capabilities, the humanness that we recognize/don’t recognize in each other, hence the title Water Takes the Shape of its Container.


Know Hope – Water Takes the Shape of its Container
Exhibition: 11th April – 25th April 2015 | Opening: 11th April – 18-21hrs
Galerie Openspace | 56, rue Alexandre Dumas, Paris

Know Hope website
Galerie Openspace website

KNOWHOPE_2015_mixedmedia_68 x 96,5 cm_WTSC_Reflecting on This

KNOW-HOPE_Only the Recollections Will Tell_Schmalkalden, Germany_2014

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