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In a short period of time Dutch artist duo TelmoMiel (Telmo Pieper & Miel Krutzmann) have made a good reputation with their realistic imagery. Last year they were part of the Step in the Arena event in Eindhoven, where they met German 44309 Street/Art Gallery. Since this first meeting a solo exhibition has been in the making. On Friday 24th April ‘Glove Stories’ opens at 44309 in Dortmund.

When studying at Art College in Rotterdam Telmo and Miel had a graffiti crew named Codex Inferno. There was also another graffiti artist part of it. TelmoMiel: ‘This relationship turned out not to work on a professional level. From 2012 we continued as TelmoMiel and as a duo.’ It was during their study where they developed their collaboration in mural painting.

Telmo had never worked with a spray can. He spent his time making drawings and painting in Photoshop. Miel did have a background in graffiti and he was mostly spraying with artist Amok. After that he made a restart with Telmo as Codex Inferno. ‘We were always interested in all kind of art forms, especially the technical angle of realism. Both the contemporary scene as the mural scene had our attention. Since 2.5 years we are trying to make a name in both of these worlds.’


They often work with themes in their art. It is predominantly subjects such as strange animals, plastic bags and inflatable creatures, and also portraits. ‘We prefer to work with a combination of figurative and abstract elements. Whenever we work on an artwork, we sometimes work separately and sometimes together on concepts and sketches. The production is always done together.’

The title of TelmoMiel’s exhibition is ‘Glove Stories’. The romance and humor that you can find in their art, comes together in this title. Well, they have given the subject love a different twist by adding the ‘g’ to the word love. ‘We have had tremendous fun in the replacement of the word love with glove in titles of music songs and movies. Glove me tender, Glove me true, All you need is glove .. and so on.’ It got stuck in a playful way and so they decided to create new artworks related to this. ‘This is what creates the strange and surrealistic art that we like to make. Also, you can get a glove in all kinds, sizes and textures. You can apply it in many different ways in a composition or concept.’


For the exhibition they have created at least ten new artworks. Besides that a selection of gloves will be displayed. These gloves have been used during international projects, and it will include a description and telling who used it. Prior to the opening the duo are painting a large mural in Dortmund related to the theme of the exhibition. ‘The only thing we can reveal is that the large mural will have something to do with a monkey and gloves.’ During the opening you can also catch them live at work on a smaller mural outside the 44309 Street/Art Gallery.

TelmoMiel – Glove Stories
Exhibition: 24th April-13th June 2015 | Opening 24th April – 19:00-late
44309 Street/Art Gallery, Rheinische Strasse 16, Dortmund

TelmoMiel website
44309 Street/Art Gallery website


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