Dortmund – A one-day visit for the TelmoMiel exhibition

Published On 28 April 2015 | By Sandwalker & Birdfree |

We, Falco and Erik from Sandwalker & Birdfree, visited Dortmund last Friday (25th April) for a bit of street art and a lot of the opening of TelmoMiel’s ‘Glove Stories’ exhibition at the 44309 Street/Art Gallery. This is our story.

During our afternoon walk in Dortmund we were surprised by the murals we found in the Dorstfelder Brücke district. Artists that have cooperated with 44309 Street/Art Gallery have been given walls, so that their art is not just visible inside the gallery, but also outside. Artists that have done murals are: Alice Pasquini, The Top Notch, Blek le Rat, Mad C, Alex Senna, Rodrigo Branco, Pedro Saci, Mark Ghemling, Pener, Proembrion and L7M. The mural of Belin & Mücke32 is just amazing. It is a very realistic image of a young boy wearing a green ‘painted’ mask and two red dots on his cheeks.

Just around the corner, unfortunately inside a blind street, we discover the artwork that TelmoMiel have painted prior to the opening. The image is connected to the title of their exhibition ‘Glove Stories’. It is an image of a monkey and a glove creatively blended in. We had to climb over a fence of a schoolyard for a better view and also for a better spot for shooting photos. This does not make the mural less spectacular. It is a very well done fresh piece of art in the Dortmund streets. Along with these murals there are many types of street art to be found in the area. A lot of graffiti, stencils, painted alleys, installations and paste-ups.


Just before 19:00 hrs we arrive at the gallery, where TelmoMiel have their exhibition opening. When arriving a lot of people are already waiting outside. At the gallery we meet Alexander, a Frenchmen who is working in the gallery. We talk with him about street art in big cities such as Paris and about our initiative to increase street art awareness in the Netherlands. He introduces us to Telmo and Miel. The boys tell us stories about their adventures abroad and the very hectic past months.

Both Telmo and Miel look tired. They have been working 24/7 for weeks to get everything finished for the exhibition. About three weeks ago, before taking a plane to Missouri (USA) for a mural project, they send all the artworks to the gallery. As soon as the job was done in Missouri, they started straight away painting the mural in Dortmund. They have been working five days in a row to get the new mural done. Luckily the weather was gentle. They suffered just one slight setback; a broken hose in the hydraulic system of the cherry picker resulted in just a few hours of delay. They finished the mural just before the opening of ‘Glove Stories’. It is such a brilliant mural artwork.

GloveStories_TelmoMiel (11)

Whenever TelmoMiel paint murals, they are mostly done with spray cans. However, their exhibited artworks are created by using paint, brushes, pens and a bit of spray cans. The combination of classic and graffiti techniques make their artworks unique. As already written about on Street Art Europe, the use of gloves in their art started when they added the ‘g’ to the word ‘love’ in song and film titles. It was just for fun, but they got stuck with it. Hence the title of the exhibition.

All artworks at the ‘Glove Stories’ exhibition have a glove integrated in the image. Some of the gloves they have used during their international projects are also exhibited. Our favorites from the exhibitions are: the girl with the boxing gloves, the lady with the blue latex glove dress and the rhino taking a nap on the sports car. The gallery itself looks raw, but it has a nice ambiance and it is in good harmony with the artworks.

GloveStories_TelmoMiel (5)

Seeing that we are Dutch, we were delighted to meet these two Dutch street artists. It was nice to realize that we all agree that Dutch street artists do not have enough possibilities in the Netherlands to show their artworks on the streets. Some of these artists are doing it internationally extremely good. TelmoMiel are one of them. Good to see that a Germany gallery has the balls to exhibit the art by these two amazing artists.

‘Glove Stories’ is on view until 13th June 2015.

TelmoMiel website
44309 Street/Art Gallery website

Written by Sandwalker & Birdfree.

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