Paris – Nychos ‘Off the Wall’ solo show at Galerie Openspace

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Nychos is one of the most well-known muralists around. He has been active as an artist for over 15 years. Not just in his hometown Vienna, but throughout the world. His art as we know it shows images of different kind of species with their organs clearly visible and popping out. It is almost like an anatomy. From 2nd until 16th May he is exhibiting at the Galerie Openspace in Paris with his solo show ‘Off the Wall’.


Nychos originally has a graffiti background. In recent years he has made a big move towards painting walls and canvases. This has made him and his art to be considered as a major artist in the international scene. His art is appreciated by lovers of illustration and graphics, and also still graffiti fans. From his hometown Vienna Nychos has founded several collectives such as The Lords and The Weird Crew. This has made him unite a whole artistic scene around him.

Photo by Hannes Friesenegger

Photo by Hannes Friesenegger

For Nychos it will be the first time ever that he will exhibit his art in a French gallery. ‘Off the Wall’ is a dialogue between his work outdoors and indoors. His fans can sure be thrilled to see mural artworks he painted across the globe indoors at Openspace. For example: the spider in Hamburg (Dissection of a Black Widow), the shark in Hawaii (Dissection of a Megalodon) and the orca in New York (Dissection of an Orca). Openspace shows twenty of Nychos’ artworks on canvas and paper.

Nychos – Off the Wall
Exhibition: 2nd May- 16th May 2015 | Opening: 2nd May – 18-21hrs
Galerie Openspace | 56, rue Alexandre Dumas, Paris

Nychos website
Galerie Openspace website

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