Magdeburg – Antimurals: art inside a former jail

Published On 22 June 2015 | By Nicole |

In a former jail in Magdeburg (Germany), Sinnlichkeit, one of the biggest German art festivals in 2015 opened its doors on 6th June. Sinnlichkeit stands for sensuality in English. Inside the jail over 200 exhibitors show their work in over 250 cells inside and outside on the walls. Antimurals, a mural project, is part of the festival. It showcases large sized artworks outside on walls.

Sinnlichkeit and Antimurals is up and running until 20th September 2015.


Jens Besser, who is an artist and curator of Urban Script Continues, was invited by the Sinnlichkeit organization to curate an international mural project. It is called Antimurals. A selection of artists created large sized paste-ups and installations. The artists who have been invited to realize temporary works on the walls are: Anders Reventlov Larsen (Denmark), Vilx (France), Aris and Giorgio Bartocci (Italy), NAR and  N_Grams (Greece), Deyaa (Saudi-Arabia), Artourette, Stefan Schleupner, Johannes Mundinger and Sophia Hirsch (Germany).

The artworks are not painted directly on the wall. After Sinnlichkeit is done the created artworks will be deinstalled or destroyed. That is why this project is called Antimurals. The visuality of all works remains on the murals, but they are all temporary.


For Antimurals Aris has realized a large sized cut-out paste up (10mx10m). It is the first time that the Italian artist chooses a cutter instead of a brush.  Giorgio Bartocci has installed 15 huge cardboard panels. N_Grams installed different sized wood pieces. It took him about 2 weeks to get it finished, as it is extremely detailed.

Magdeburg is a German city very close to Berlin. If you are planning to give Berlin a visit, why not escape the city for a trip to Magdeburg. Entry to Sinnlichkeit costs 8 euro.

Antimurals at Sinnlichkeit
Open to view until 20th September 2015
Entry via Sudenburger Wuhne 6, 39112 Magdeburg

Sinnlichkeit website (in German)



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