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Austrian/French artist couple JANA & JS have exhibited at Pretty Portal Gallery several times before when being part of stencil group shows. Pretty Portal finds it time for a solo show by this stencil art duo. The show has the title ‘A Matter of Time’ and opens on Friday 12th June 2015.

JANA & JS’s stencil style is very recognizable. The first time I saw one of their artworks was either in Paris or London. It was an image of a couple holding an analog camera. It made it look like a photo was being taken of you. Their artworks capture short moments in time of different characters. Such as: a couple cuddled up, a young woman sitting alone with her back towards the viewer and the images of characters taking snap shots.

JANA&JS - Never leave me alone

JANA & JS recently painted two murals in Paris (Gare Du Nord) and in Lille for Biennale Internationale d’Art Mural de Lille. The last time I saw them paint a mural was last year in Belgium for the Day One Festival. That was pretty awesome. I am a fan of their stencil style artworks and also I am fan of the stories their artworks are trying to tell. Everyone will quite possibly have their own story when seeing one of JANA & JS’ artworks.

For their ‘A Matter of Time’ show many of the artworks are painted on old found objects. With the objects, which originate in urban areas, the artist couple links their paintings with the urban surrounding. When painting outside on the streets their art is an urban intervention in the urban space. Their urbanity is clearly visible in the Pretty Portal Gallery space.

JANA&JS- reconstitutionde faceade104

JANA & JS show a new body artworks for ‘A Matter of Time’ that have all been painted this year. They will also publish a limited stencil edition. Their artworks are inspired by the city and its architecture in the course of time, as well as by the residents and the viewers. They spray urban landscapes, portraits and details of architectures with a play of reflections and transparencies. ‘A Matter of Time’ is a definitive must see if you are in the Düsseldorf area.


JANA & JS – A Matter of Time
Exhibition: 12th June-10th July 2015| Opening: Friday 12th June from 19hrs
Pretty Portal, Brunnenstr. 12, 40223 Düsseldorf

JANA & JS website
Pretty Portal website

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