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Published On 26 June 2015 | By Nicole |

Paul Busk has helped shape the cityscape of Vienna quite a bit in the past decade. I am sure you are familiar with his monkey head design including the word Busk. His art can be found in grey areas, busy streets or hidden corners. On Thursday 2nd July his solo exhibition titled Loot At Me Now opens at Inoperable Gallery in Vienna.


Paul Busk sees the world through the absolute alienation of property, freedom, at any time and be able to be everywhere. This is what will be a central theme in the exhibition of this living and working painter, illustrator and typographer in Vienna. He focuses on analogies which run contrary to the historic development of graffiti, street art and diluted concept of urban art.

Busk means street performer in English and his other name CMOD stands for city modification. This is, as you can imagine, precisely what he is doing on the streets. He modifies the streets with his art. It is not just the visual traces that he leaves behind in transgressive places, deserted places with dizzying heights or hidden outer areas of the city, but he also has a continuous hammering new ways with regard to the materials used and the developed forms. He is using spray paint, pens and markers, as well as printed black and white posters, folded paper, stickers, firmly glued stones, wood and fabric.


If you want to discover his large-size to very small word and figurative games, you often have to step back or step forward, or look up, and in unusual directions. I am convinced this will make visiting his exhibition an interesting one.

Look At Me Now is up and running from 3rd July-29th August 2015.


Paul Busk – Look At Me Now
Exhibition: 3rd July-29th August | Opening: 2nd July from 19 hrs
Inoperable Gallery | Stiegengasse 2/3 (Mezzanin), 1060 Vienna, Austria

Paul Busk website
Inoperable website

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