Paris – Quai36: street art inside Gare du Nord

Published On 14 July 2015 | By Nicole |

The past two months Gare du Nord in Paris has been taken over by 16 street artists from around Europe. The project is called Quai36. Quai 36 (platform 36) is where most of the artists created an artwork. Artists who have joined the adventure are: Dourone, Baske Tobetrue, Jerome Mesnager, Pioc PPC, Koralie, Solylaisse, Bad Trip Crew, Jana & JS, Gregos, Louis Masai, Fafi, SP38, Artiste Ouvrier, Btoy and Kool Koor.

I am sure some of you have arrived at Gare Du Nord by train when visiting Paris. It is not the most colorful and pleasant station to arrive. It is always buzzing with Parisians and tourists who arrive either by Eurostar or Thalys. A group of friends from France used to meet up at the station quite often. For them Gare Du Nord is not one where he/she would want to be at late at night. So, they came up with an idea to make it less unpleasant.


This group of friends all has a passion for culture and street art. Two years ago they came up with the plan to turn their beloved station into an incredible place to arrive and to be. Art and bright colors is what it needs. They set up an association and named it Quai36 (one of the platforms), which is also the name of their project.

After a year of getting the plan together on paper, they joined forces with SNCF, who also funded this project for 90%. They got an additional support from the Île-de-France region in a true coproduction. Artists such as Jerome Mesnager, Kool Koor, Fafi, Levalet and Gregos have given them the full support from the beginning, and also their trust to join this adventure at Gare du Nord.

During these past two months artists have been working on their part of the project every day between 10am and 4pm.This also gave visitors of Gare du Nord the chance to see the artists at work and go in a conversation with them. It is especially interesting for those who use Gare du Nord to go to work and see ‘their’ station change into an amazing art project.

All artworks have now been completed, so if you are planning a trip to Paris soon, give Gare du Nord a visit. Perhaps you will arrive at Gare du Nord. Seeing that this first project has given them such a great boost, there are already plans for more train stations in France.

Quai36 website

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