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Horsens is an old town in Denmark with approximately 55.000 habitants. Most people have quite possibly never heard of this Danish town. It is a town that hosts a lot of awesome mural artworks by (inter)national artists. In 2013 they collaborated with Artrebels, a community network, and invited 6 artists for Public Art Horsens. This year (2015) Public Art Horsens is back, and with again 6 artists, who all created an artwork (or two).

Public Art Horsens 2015 presents C215 (France), Andrea Wan (Hong Kong), Chifumi (France), Ilse Weisfelt and Joren Joshua (Dutch) and Scott Cooper (USA). A few weeks ago these artists travelled to this small town called Horsens in Jutland – an area in Denmark.  All artists have transformed public spaces in Horsens into colorful murals.


Since the first Public Art Horsens, Artrebels and their invited artists are very welcome in Horsens. A lot of the locals are excited to see their city get some new color. One of the artists, Andrea Wan, was even given a bouquet of flowers, which was given by neighbor. How wonderful is it for artist to be welcomed and appreciated in such a way.

Ilse Weisfelt & Joren Joshua_completed_#05

As mentioned before, in 2013 there was also a Public Art Horsens, as organized by Artrebels. The artists that were invited then are Escif (Spain), Brad Downey (USA), Sam3 (Spain), Pøbel (Norway), Thomas Dambo (Denmark) and  Örnduvald (Denmark & Island). Not bad, eh? Artrebels’ overall mission is to create opportunities for both upcoming and established creatives and artists. They are doing pretty well so far

Photographer Henrik Haven covered the event and his photo documentation is as below.

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