Visoko - Had exhibition

Visoko – An exhibition by HAD in a forgotten factory

Published On 7 August 2015 | By Nicole |

HAD (Hamo, Anel, Dama), an artist collective, is bringing street art to a small town in centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A grain tank has been their workplace for months. They are almost ready to show what you get when a painter, an architect and a street artist work together. On 9th August their exhibition titled WALLS will open and it will also reopen a forgotten factory in Visoko.

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HAD transformed 5.000 square meters of an abandoned factory into a gallery of street art. Seeing that they are such a diverse art collective, they have chosen a technique that works for all of them. Being inspired by the art of Vhils, they created artworks by deconstructing the structure of the walls.

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Revolutionary and selfless artistic expression, though distant from vandalism, possesses a dose of rage in it, the need for stealth and desire for change. They draw inspiration from the forgotten things, from their own silence, surrealism, past and melancholy, turning it into representations of human figures and portraits. By deconstruction they want to create a new life on each wall and walk away from it. Their vision is the only thing they bring home along with them.

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The exhibition WALLS by HAD is the first of its kind in the Balkan. It’s definitely something you want to visit, if you are nearby.

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Words & photos by Lejla Becar – thanks!

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