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Dortmund – Alice Pasquini solo show at 44309 Gallery

Published On 18 April 2016 | By Nicole |

Well-established artist Alice Pasquini is back in Dortmund for a solo show titled ‘I’mperfect Tense’. Or in other words: Perfect Imperfection. The exhibition will run until 28th May 2016 at the 44309 Street//Art Gallery.

Alice Pasquini - Street Art Europe

In ‘I’mperfect Tense’ Alice is playing with the concept of imperfection and perfection. Imperfection is defined with respect to a genre, a canon, or a law. Too much or too little with respect to the norm renders something imperfect. What but is the criteria for imperfection in art? Allure certainly has nothing to do either with perfection or beauty. The most “perfect” subject is often the least inspiring.

Alice Pasquini - Street Art Europe

Alice is fascinated by abandoned spaces, whether modern or ancient – a taste that upends the concept of perfection and completeness. She will paint on objects where time has left its mark, evoking a past in which its imperfections reflect our own flaws, our own scars, our own uniqueness. What she seeks is not to comply with a taste canon, but an internal principle. To rebuild a naturalness of materials, senses, emotions, against the invasive industrial and technological alienation, against banal, manipulative advertising.

Alice Pasquini - Street Art Europe

Alice is known for her inventive usage of materials. The theme of the show is not only communicated through imagery but also media such as: empty bottles and old cabinet doors that are referring to their past and through their imperfections become even more alluring. Alice’ feminity in art still plays a big part in her exhibited artworks.

Whilst being in Dortmund for her solo show, she also painted two new mural artworks. One is a billboard on Rheinische Straße and the other one can be found on Paulinen Straße.


Alice Pasquini I’mperfect Tense
Exhibition: 16th April-18th May 2016
44309 Street/Art Gallery, Rheinische Strasse 16, Dortmund
Alice Pasquini website
44309 Street/Art Gallery website


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