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Antwerp – A new street art Antwerp platform has launched

Published On 12 May 2016 | By Nicole |

Since 6th May Antwerp has a platform dedicated to street art. It is an initiative of Street Art Heerlen, who launched their platform about a year ago. They have now teamed up with Tim Marschang (aka StreetArtwerpenaar) for their first international platform. In the future more international cities will join.

Street Art Antwerp - Street Art Europe

After a successful launch of the platform in Heerlen, the team started a collaboration with Antwerp. The website is showcasing a map with locations of street art. It is simple and ease of use. You are able to follow a route that will show you 19 artworks by 14 different artists. Most artists are from Belgium with a fair few from The Netherlands. Dzia (BE), Steve Locatelli (BE), Fred (BE), Joachim (BE), Super A (NL), Ox-Alien (NL), to name a few.

The Antwerp platform was launched with a new mural creation in Heerlen. Belgium based Joachim and Netherlands based K-shit created a colorful collaboration. Both artists have collaborated before in both countries. Both of their art is also visible in Antwerp.

Street Art Antwerp - Street Art Europe

Antwerp Initiator Tim Marschang: ‘I want to show Antwerp’s creativity and talent to the rest of the world. I want to confront the people of Antwerp of the wealth in street art that we have.’ It wasn’t until last year that Marschang got introduced to street art in his hometown. Whilst walking through the streets of Antwerp a piece of street art caught his eye. The following weeks he discovered more and more of these works of art and started taking pictures of them. He created an Instagram profile and named himself ‘StreetArtwerpenaar’. Ever since he is busy taking photos of street art in and around Antwerp.

Street Art Antwerp - Street Art Europe

After Street Art Heerlen, Antwerp is the first international platform. Sanne Gijsbers (Street Art Heerlen): ‘We’re already talking to 3 new possible members in 3 new cities. It’s a beautiful sign. The idea of sharing street art maps combined with ways to involve local media and entrepreneurs is simple, but popular.’ Street art city maps are nothing new. The idea of sharing one platform and sharing development costs while growing an international network is a new thing.

If you want a street art map in your city, get in touch with the lovely people behind Street Art Heerlen.


Street Art Antwerp website
Street Art Heerlen website

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