K2M interview for Street Art Europe

K2M – the skater on the wall

Published On 22 August 2016 | By Milenka |

Rome is a historical and magic city and most known because of its amazing artworks made by famous street artists. Rome based artist K2M is one of the artists whose art is everywhere in the Italian capital. I was enchanted by his images when walking around the city last July.

If you go to areas like Pigneto, San Lorenzo, Ostiense, La Trastevere you will find a nice variety of street art and graffiti. Here on Street Art Europe you can follow Giulia, who is always bringing to us some updates from the capital of Italy.

If you are a tourist like me, who doesn’t like to be tourist and visit common places, I really recommend to visit social centers. They are squatted by people who are involved with art and culture. It is something characteristic in Italy, where the squats are not specific for living propose but also for cultural activities. There a lot of them, called “centro sociale”, and is easy to find on social media. Places like that are full with street art.

K2M interview for Street Art Europe

It is when I am walking and getting lost on the street when I have more fun. Discovering the city through small streets and finding new art pieces. Connecting artist I’ve seen travelling around Europe and also recognizing new artists, especially the local ones. That is also how I discovered the art by K2M.

K2M’s art has many interesting images, with different techniques and subjects. Images such as: iconic images related to skateboarding, fashion industry and different references that caught my attention when being in Rome.

K2M interview for Street Art Europe

Who is the artist behind these interesting wheatpastes in Rome? Milenka grabbed the chance to do an interview with him.

Tell me a bit more about yourself and how you  started to express yourself on the streets.
What can I tell you about me? Well….I was born in Sardegna. I moved to Rome in 1997 when I was only 18 years old and I started working there for a PC Company till now. I am a kind of rebel – outgoing – moody person. I love every kind of picture. Above all the photos that you can find inside magazines and newspapers. I dare say, my eyes try to catch every single detail and shade in the images. I like the mixture of their colors, as this helps my imagination.

My house is full of newspapers and magazines!  I collect  and select all these pictures. I’ve been  piling them up for years. One day I decided to put them into an order, give them a shape and bring them into life with my stickers. Those were the years when I began to understand street art, and followed it  great interest.

Obviously I loved the American artist, Obey. The artist life is hard,  especially when you  are emerging, and I don’t want to follow the rules of  art galleries . That is why I create stickers, using pictures that show  the love for street art.

What about your nickname K2M?
During a trip to New York, the name K2M was born. I had prepared some posters to stick around, but I didn’t know how to sign them. So doodling above the handkerchief of a coffee, I was inspired to use the name K2M. Why I identify myself with K2M is a long story that nobody knows, neither my wife! And it makes me laugh because everybody tries to find very funny definitions

K2M interview for Street Art Europe

In which way is skateboarding part of your life?
I am a fan of skateboarding, and you can see it by what I do. It is always  present in  my drawings. I like the idea to be always in movement, so my subjects are in motion even  stationary. I’ve been a skater for so long, until a physical problem prevented me from using it. This was very hard to accept, I still miss the sound of the wheels bearings and the sence of freedom.

Has your art changed throughout the years?
Along the years my piece of work has become more and more elaborated. My research has enriched with details. I love working with the sheet of paper. It allows me to  treat it in different ways, and with the inclusion of other materials, I can give life to other creatures. The details are very important, and it often happens that some works are almost instinctively.

K2M interview for Street Art Europe

Rome has a good culture of paste-up/wheatpaste artists with amazing artworks. Is there an explanation for that?
Rome is emerging as a new pole of street art, in Europe from this point of view, we can pull over  to major European cities. From here it has passed many national and world- renowned artists. There are signs of their steps on entire buildings, or in the streets. This is for us lovers of street art a source of inspiration.

I have also seen  a few collaborations with you and other Italian artists. What is the process of a collaboration.
Collaborations between artists  occur when there is a common interest, we know almost all, social network in recent years allows us to forge contacts with those who are abroad.

Which artists do you admire?
I have always admired all the works of the greats like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Mario Schifano and Mimmo Rotella, with a sense of deep admiration for Jean Michel Basquiat, my absolute favourite. The artists that I follow carefully are Blu and Sten & Lex from Italy. I like Vhils, Alex Senna, Obey and Bansky.

K2M interview - Street Art Europe

K2M interview for Street Art Europe

Where can we find your artworks?
My works can be found mainly in Rome, where I actually live. There are signs of my taste in Bologna, Firenze, Torino, Sassari,  Germany, Monaco and Colonia. The characteristics of my  works is the context in which they are inserted, I think this is a particular mark.

What are your future projects you can share with us? Any trips planned soon?
After the summer holidays, I will begin to collaborate with various artists. Soon you will see my work on the streets of some cities of Italy and across Europe. I will tell you soon the venues that will host me.

K2M, thanks for your time and keep us updated about your art.

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