Stavanger – NuArt day two: finishing touches day for most artists

Published On 10 September 2016 | By Nicole |

Street Art Europe is present at this years NuArt Festival in Stavanger. We keep you updated via the website and social media from 8th-11th September. Top image is by Jaune – Nuart 2016.

Seeing that Saturday would be a rainy day in Stavanger, I decided to check out all of the murals that are created for NuArt 2016. Whilst walking I would  try and spot some of the murals that have been created in past editions. It is not difficult to find the artworks, as most of them are on walking distance from each other.


In the street where my appartment is Robert Montgomery added a few of his poetic texts posters the day before. His texts form the basis of these billboard pieces that can be found on severals locations in Stavanger, including the ones close to my appartment. One block away from Montgomery’s text is where MTO is working on his NuArt mural. I got to know MTO’s work when being in Berlin many years ago. The artworks I have seen by him in the past years are images of a person. I am really curious to see his finished artwork. When walking past the wall it looked like there is still a lot of work to be done. Him and his assistants were working till late last night.


In the same street Jaune has painted his infamous sanitation workers characters. It is an image of a few men trying to catch a 200 Krone note. The note is a real one. A few blocks away I spotted another Jaune artwork. I really like what this Belgian guy is doing. The real life sanitation workers are most of the times invisible when doing their job, even though they wear bright uniforms. Jaune is making them visible on the street by painting them.


An artwork I quite like is that by Bergen-based NIMI. He created this artwork as part of NuArt’s Art City program. The artwork is titled ‘Sophia and the Mountain’. The girl he portrayed is his daugher and the mountain is the well-known Norwegian Preikestolen rock. Inside the courtyard of a kindergarten is where Axel Void created his mural. It is titled ‘Klosser’ and it is a name chosen by the children of the kindergarten. Klosser means wooden blocks in Norwegian. I didn’t manage to take a photo of the mural, as a kind teacher said to me that I can’t take any photos when there are children running around. Fair.


Near the Lervika dock is where Spy finished his artwork some days ago, and Henrik Uldalen, Fintan Magee and Huyro were putting the finishing touches of their murals. Spy’s artwork makes sense when you can a reflection in the water. Henrik’s artwork is very delicate. Fintan’s huge artwork is just amazing. It is best viewed when standing on a nearby flat, as you can then clearly see the ‘skyline’ is his work matching the skyline at the back. Huyro’s image is that of a blanket (or how can call it?). I wonder what the story behind it is.


German artist Evol has created 12 of his known miniature architectural models on electrical boxes in the city centre of Stavanger. Via a map I was able to spot them all. Besides the fact that it is super fun to find all of them, it is also a nice walk through the city centre.



Whilst walking from one artwork to another I bumped into plenty of other murals that have been created in past editions. Murals by the likes of Etam Cru, Vhils, Niels Shoe Meulman, Logan Hicks, Tilt and ROA, and many more.

Later today is the opening of the NuArt 2016 exhibiton. I am looking forward seeing what the artists have created inside the tunnels. Prior to the opening is NuArt Plus art conference, which I will be visiting. If the rain has stopped I might even walk past some of the finished murals. If not, I will do so tomorrow.

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