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Street Art Europe is present at this years NuArt Festival in Stavanger. We keep you updated via the website and social media from 8th-11th September. Top image is by Henrik Uldalen – Nuart 2016.

NuArt Festival 2016 is now officially a fact. After weeks of preparation, murals being created and artists & crew working hard to get the ‘Post-Street Art’ exhibition ready, the 2016 edition of NuArt was officially opened at Tou Scene yesterday.


Tou Scene, where the exhibition is taking place, is a former brewery. Its history history goes back to 1855 when business activities started on Tau, a small community across the fjord from Stavanger. The first building was built in 1895 and the brewery complex  in 1899. Knowing a bit about the buildings history makes it extra special when walking inside the building for the exhibition. A building with a history and now it hosts a festival that is creating history. NuArt is definitely a one of a kind street art festival in the world.

Back to the exhibition. Apparently it is a tradition that during the opening it rains in Stavanger. No matter the rain, the place was packed with Stavanger residents, guests and artists. I had already seen a preview of the exhibition rooms and installations. Nevertheless I was extremely excited to see the exhibition when it being open in full swing.


When entering the tunnel the first room is a collab by Add Fuel and Evol. On concrete blocks Evol added his well-known miniature architectural buildings. Some of them are even tagged, like you would see outside on buildings. Add Fuel created a ‘Delft Blue’ pattern around the miniature building blocks for you to walk on.



Fintan Magee’s room is really beautiful. At the back of  the room he created a dinner table kind of scene. His flowery art is on three sides of the wall, which makes it look like wallpaper. In the middle there is a dinner table with 8 chairs. It is ready for you to take a seat and have dinner with friends or family.



The room with a concrete wall which you can’t enter is by Spy. The idea is that you peek through the holes in the wall. Once you have peeked through 4 different holes you should be able to read a text. The text says (in order of holes): Im age not available. Or in other other words ‘Image Not Available’. Very clever!



The room by Kennardphillipps and Nipper is both playful and political. In the first half of the room there is a large Kennardphillips billboard. It shows current news headlines about the refugee crisis and an image of what I believe is a bombarded area in Syria. Nipper’s part of the room is where as a audience you can go wild yourself and create art on paper or on the wall.



Robert Montgomery is known for his poetic texts billboard and light pieces. In a totally dark room his light installation brightens up the room. It says: ‘The city is wilder than you think and kinder than you think. It is a valley and you are a horse in it. It is a house and you are a child in it safe and warm here in the fire of each other.’ It is a poem that he has exhibited on different locations in the world in the past years. This time it is on view in Stavanger for NuArt.



The room that it is not at all minimal is that of Jaune and Jeff Gillette. There is garbage and trash everywhere on the side of the room. On top of the trash you will spot Jaune’s sanitation workers. A small path leads towards Gillette’s Dismayland, which is to be honest very disappointing. Well, that is precisely what the artists wants it to be. Disneyland can also be very disappointing, right?


The final room is by Henrik Uldalen from Norway. His creative production revolves around classic figurative painting. At the back of the room is a dark, but bright painted portrait. When you walk closer towards the artwork, you will see that on the floor there is reflecting broken glass. I haven’t seen anyone walk over the glass to get closer to the portrait.


Not all participated NuArt 2016 artists have a room inside the exhibition tunnel, but of course you will find their work outside in Stavanger. Watch this space for a post about all finished mural artworks.

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