Livelli at Galleria Varsi

Rome – Livelli group show at Galleria Varsi

Published On 29 January 2017 | By Nicole |

Galleria Varsi in Rome presents a new group show titled Livelli. It is entirely dedicated to silkscreen printing from 24 artists. Livelli stems from the desire to investigate an old printing technique that played an important role in art history. It is on view until 12th February 2017.

In the past year the participating artists 2501, Alberonero, Alice Pasquini, Andreco, Aris, Borondo, Ciredz, Diamond, Egs, Etnik, Francesco Barbieri, Giorgio Bartocci, Hitnes, Imos, Nelio, Nemco, Pakal, Sawe, SBAGLIATO, Sepe, Solo, Tellas, Vesod and Unga (BFC)  have produced one silkscreen each. They produced it in collaboration with the lab 56 Fili, directed by Arturo Amitrano, a young Roman artisan who in recent years has made himself known for his creative and avant-garde spirit.

Livelli at Galleria Varsi

Livelli at Galleria Varsi

The artists involved in Livelli all have a strong link with public spaces. What they also have in common are the sites for their favorite expressions and a source of constant inspiration.

The new works created for the exhibition are that of the artists’ current research. Also, the result of a dialogue between the languages of each artist and the silkscreen printing process that has allowed them to develop their own aesthetics each in their own singular way. It is about exploring innovative formal possibilities.

is on view at Galleria Varsi until 12th February.

Livelli group show at Galleria Varsi
Exhibition: 21st January-12th February 2017
Galleria Varsi | Via di San Salvatore in Campo 51, Rome

Galleria Varsi website

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