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Brussels – Boris Tellegen’ friendly MIMA Museum takeover

Published On 17 April 2017 | By Nicole |

Boris Tellegen, also known as DELTA, is one of Dutch master in contemporary art. His roots are in graffiti and since the 80s and 90s him and his art have extended towards the more contemporary and visual arts. MIMA Museum in Brussels is welcoming Tellegen with his A Friendly Takeover exhibition. It is on view until 28th May 2017.

Boris Tellegen first gained international fame as a graffiti artist back in the 1990s under the pseudo DELTA. He is also referred to as the “Dutch Master”. He  has since extended the creativity injected into his graffiti to all other fields such as the visual arts, graphic design, architecture, music, design, fashion and film. He truly embodies the universal “iconoclastic” attitude, namely the mobile and transversal character that is so typical of the artistic practice exhibited at the MIMA.

The exhibition is on view on three different floors. Reffering to A Friendly Takeover it means in the artists own words that there are none to very little artworks hanging on the walls. As a visitor you get to explore Boris Tellegen’ world, art, ideas and history. There are moments where you are literally part of the artwork (you can go on top of one of the installations and/or play with it). Also, it shows how many different kind of ideas the artists has, but still you can tell that it is by Tellegen. On various videoscreens friends, family and the master himself tell their story.

A Friendly Takeover is on view at MIMA until 28th May. If you are in Brussels soon, give it a visit.

A Friendly Takeover by Boris Tellegen / DELTA
Exhibition: until 28th May 2017
MIMA | 39 quai du Hainaut, Brussels, Belgium
MIMA website

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