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Oostende – The Crystal Ship’s waves are getting bigger

Published On 17 April 2017 | By Nicole |

Oostende, a coastal town in Belgium, has been getting a second wave of art this april. Last year The Crystal Ship went ashore for the first time with an already immense line-up. For the second edition 20 (inter)national have been invited to Oostende for a new wave of artworks in Oostende.

Last year Street Art Europe couldn’t be present fort he opening weekend of The Crystal Ship. After having seen its line-up fort his year, we could not sit at home, and so we traveled to Oostende for a lot of art, sunshine and happy faces. The opening of The Crystal Ship 2017 was held on 8th and 9th April.

The Crystal Ship 2017 - Street Art Europe

The actual plan was that The Crystal Ship would be a bi-annual event. Because of its popularity and increas of visitors to Oostende, it was decided that in 2017 the festival would be back. During the opening weekend the popularity was clearly visible. A lot of visitors and locals walked and cycled with a map in their hands to see the artworks.

Artists taking part in this second edition are: Alexis Diaz, Axel Void, Bosoletti, Buck, C215, Hell’O Collective, Hyuro, Jaune, Johannes Mundinger, Levalet, Nelio, Henrik Uldalen, Outings Project, Pastel, Phlegm, Ricky Lee Gordon , Schellekens & Peleman, Sebas Velasco, SpY and Strook.

The Crystal Ship 2017 - Street Art Europe

The Crystal Ship 2017 - Street Art Europe

All artworks are in and around the city centre of Oostende. You can grag a map from the tourist information centre and of you go. If you want to see all artworks, including those from last year, it is adviceable to either rent a bike or drive around by car. The artworks in the city centre can, of course, easily be seen by foot.

Some artworks are not on the map, as they are smaller interventions. If you have a good pair of eyes you will find artworks by C215, Jaune, Outings Project, Bue The Warrior, Pol Cosmo and Isaac Cordal. If you follow the map, you might spot them.

It is incredible to see what an art event such as The Crystal Ship can do to a city. It brings colour to neighborhoods, it lets you explore new destinations and go back home wanting more.

Street Art Europe can’t wait for The Crystal Ship’ third edition. Bring it on!

Below you will find an impression of The Crystal Ship.

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