Rome – Cross the Streets at MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art

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If you are in Rome this Summer and you are into street art & graffiti (I am sure you are), Cross the Streets exhibition at MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art will now be on your must visit list. Even more so when you will see the line-up. The exhibition tells the story of street art in general and the story of graffiti writing in Rome. The exhibition runs until 1st October 2017.

Cross the Streets is a multimedia exhibition that masterfully historicizes the street art phenomenon, the most globally influential art movement of the last 40 years. For the first time in Rome, a counterculture – by now part of the mainstream – enters a museum, the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

The exhibition fills the entire MACRO museum and includes over 180 works from a broad selection of artists. The section “Street Art Stories” details the birth and evolution of street art through a myriad of different artists who have contributed to the show with their unique styles and mediums.

The enormous Middle East Mural (over 10 meters) produced by Shephard Fairey will be shown for the first time in Europe, alongside a diverse selection of 30 of his works, selected from different stages in his career.

A second exhibition, “Writing a Roma, 1979-2017”, curated by Christian Omodeo, the founder of Le Grand Jeu (the French urban art bookshop),  is dedicated to the relationship between Rome and Writing. The show focuses on graffiti writing in the Roman sphere through a timeline beginning in December 1979 when the Medusa Gallery presented the first graffiti exhibition outside of the U.S. Accompanying the works of Quinones and Fab 5 Freddy, are pieces by Napal and Brus, Jon and Koma, Imos, the photographer Valerio Polici, and the crews TRV and Why Style.

Now get ready for the line-up of artists.

Street art stories – 2501 / Boogie / BO130 / Chaz / Cope2 / Ray Caesar / Will Barras / Diamond / Doze Green / Ron English / Evol / Fafi / Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant) / Jeremy Fish / Flying Fortress / Glen E. Friedman / Galo / Camille Rose Garcia / Hyuro / Agostino Iacurci / Invader / Mark Jenkins / Moneyless / Mosa One / JBRock / Koralie / Lucamaleonte / Microbo / Miss Van / Estevan Oriol / Pax Paloscia / Marion Peck / Pisa / ROA / Mirko Reisser (DAIM) / Mark Ryden / Solomostry / Giacomo Spazio / Sten&Lex / Swoon / Kazuki Takamatsu / Ed Templeton / Yosuke Ueno / Nick Walker / WK Interact /

Writing in Rome 1979-2017 – Lee Quinones / Fab 5 Freddy / Napal / Brus / Jon / Koma / Rebus / Imos / Valerio Polici / Stefano Pane Monfeli / Joe Franceschi / Nico Proietti / Alessandro Scarful Maida / Emiliano Stand Cataldo

And there is a photographic Keith Haring Deleted section. The photos (from the MACRO – CRDAV collection) are a testament to the murals painted by Keith Haring on the Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Rome (1984) which were later whitewashed for political reasons. In other words: deleted.

So, what are your plans again when you are in Rome soon?

Cross the Streets at MACRO
Exhibition: until 1st October 2017
MACRO | Via Nizza 138, Roma, Italy

Cross the Streets website

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